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Having played the exceptionally awful CyberpunkRED, I wanted to run a future/cyberpunk game with a decent system. Sadly, there aren't actually that many decent systems out there I want to run. After stumbling on Mongoose Traveller 2e I decided that maybe I'd run that, using my universe. We'll see how it goes.

Part of the problem is the requirement of using a VTT. With quarantine, face-to-face just isn't a reality at the moment, plus it has opened a broader base of players.


We never did get the original Psi Wars campaign going strong. The characters were too diverse and the players not available enough. But I have stuck with the system I was testing at the time (Masterfinder): using a logarithmic table to compress numbers to alleviate the bloat in high level Pathfinder and to bring characters across all levels closer in power. This, to my mind, has worked spectacularly. I have refined the system and used it across several power levels; from a starting campaign to a mid-level game to a stupid-powerful double digit+mythic powers campaign. But back in March one of my friends bought me the FFG Star Wars rpg Edge of the Empire.

I took an immediate liking to it. It seems like the second attempt at what FFG tried with Warhammer 3.0, and this time they nailed it. I despise the fact that the three $60 core rulebooks replicate about 75% of the same material, but the system itself is very fun. The best part over Warhammer is that characters have a huge amount of room to grow. I have been throwing experience at the players and they don't seem all that much better then at the start. That is in part due to the players not trying to break the system or create combat heavy characters which we find makes for better roleplaying. Reading the forums over at FFG, I can see that the system can be gamed, but overall it has an incredible Star Wars feel to it.

Originally, I was asked to keep the game in the Star Wars universe, but since that player never shows up, I am drifting off into my Psi Wars version of it. The biggest difference is that power in the Force flows only to those who have committed themselves to the Light or Darkness. Those who try to remain neutral (Grey) will never be able to tap the Force to the same extent. Check the House Rules section if you would like more details, and check out Season One of The Psi Wars Saga: Galactic Heist for a recap of the action.


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