Cast Of Galactic Heist

Player Characters

Periphreal Characters (NPCs)


  • The Ambactus - HT-2200 given to Bronk and Twitch by STD to open new markets
  • B'ura B'an - older Twi'lek mining union leader and rights activist
  • The Event Horizon - YT-1760 small transport; formerly The Charon's Ferry; Twitch & Bronk's old ship
  • Maeve - Human Outlaw Technician and Rigger
  • Momaw Nadon - Ithorian botanist on Tatooine; working towards a green Tatooine
  • Stellar Transport Deliveries (STD)


  • Black Sun
  • Centa Sonhan - gang lord with Imperial ties whose power is on the rise on Tatooine *RIP*
  • Coruum Sa’dia - Ishi Tib in charge of security operations for Zelcomm Industries on Nar Shadda; Black Sun ties
  • Officer Ingrad Muloha - corrupt Imperial working with the gang lord Centa sonhan on Tatooine *RIP*
  • Kaa'to Leeachos - Nikto bounty hunter gunned down by the party for the Pykes *RIP*
  • Trex - Trandosian bounty hunter working for Teemo; pilot of the Krayt's Fang
  • Zelcomm Industries


  • Korsin Fenn - Bothan owner of the Spyder, a sabacc parlor on Nar Shadda
  • Omacala - Gotal owner of the Umbra Club, a deathstick den and nightclub on Nar Shadda
  • The Pykes - small scale smuggling ring
  • Speng - Human deathstick dealer; works out of the Umbra Club on Nar Shadda
  • Teemo the Hutt
  • Verannis - Black Sun Underboss on Nar Shadda
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