Ship Rules

Ship Attributes

Ships have a class (Basic or Advanced), a level, size and ability scores; just like a character.

Ability Scores

Basic Ships receive a standard array ((13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8) or (11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10))
Advanced Ships receive an elite array ((15, 14, 12, 11, 10, 8) or (14, 13, 12, 11, 11, 11))

  • STR – how much the ship can carry (as tons) before it suffers speed & maneuverability penalties, and how strong the ship‘s tractors and engines are (for grabs and CMB)
  • DEX – how maneuverable the ship is (mod added to Fly checks), AC, and ranged attack rolls (mod added to Fly checks).
  • CON – how much punishment the ship can take, how much it can be pushed, and how long it can go without refueling
  • INT – the ship’s computer database and processing power
  • WIS – power of ship’s sensors
  • CHA – ship’s comms (mod added to interaction checks between ships) and power of EW

Certain pieces of ship's equipment and programming require minimum ability scores as well.


Ships determine their TOU based on their HP, level, and Con


mod may cancel range and DEF penalties, but only to zero, it never increases the BAB of gunners


½ mod added to ship defense (dodge bonus) from prediction routines/automatic systems/deflector shields

Ship Types

Basic Types (Type Mod Starship/System Ship)

  • Civilian (Commoner) (2/1)
  • General Purpose (Warrior) (3/2)
  • Specialist (Expert) (4/3)
  • Yacht (Aristocrat) (4/3)

Advanced Types (Type Mod Starship/System Ship)

  • Military (Fighter) (6/4)
  • Assault (Barbarian) (6/4)
  • Scout (Rogue) (6/4)
  • Electronic Warfare (Bard) (6/4)
  • Support (Cleric) (6/4)
  • Command (Cavalier) (6/4)

Ship Scale

  • Fine - car, power armor, power-sled, Large creature (+8 AC, +8 to-hit) (TM/16)
  • Diminutive – Huge creatures, SMACs, tanks, APCs, 2-slot ships (+4 AC, +4 to-hit) (TM/8)
  • Tiny – Gargantuan creatures (+2 AC, +2 to-hit), MMAC ships, large tanks, 4-slot ships (TM /4)
  • Small – Colossal creatures, 6-slot ships (+1 AC, +1 to-hit) (TM/2)
  • Medium – 8-slot ships (TM +0)
  • Large – 10-slot ships (TM +1)
  • Huge – 12-slot ships (TM +3)
  • Gargantuan – 20-slot ships (TM+7)
  • Colossal – bigger ships (TM+15)

A ship's slots are filled with gear packages. Each package has prerequisites.

Ship Technology

as Templates

  • Cutting Edge (+4 all stats, +2 AC, Type Mod * 10)
  • Custom (+2 all stats, +1 AC, Type Mod * 3)
  • Standard (no modifications)
  • Out-dated (-2 all stats, -1 AC, Type Mod/2)
  • Obsolete (-4 all stats, -2 AC, Type mod/5)


  • Appraise (INT) – used to compare item price/values, commodity prices, perform planetary surveys, run market analyses, etc
  • Bluff – electronic warfare; most often used to allow a ship to stealth in combat or feint
  • Climb (STR) - used for surface to space and planetary landings
  • Craft (INT) – used to represent fabrication, manufacture, and workshop capabilities/facilities
  • Disguise – used to represent false ids and the ability to pass as another ship
  • Escape Artist – used to represent shearing tractors (as opposed to using STR to break tractors)
  • Fly – used to represent the autopilot
  • Heal – used to represent medical facilities
  • Knowledges (INT) – used to represent computer data bases
  • Linguistics (INT) – translation programs
  • Perception – sensors and ECCM
  • Perform – entertainment facilities
  • Stealth – cloaking fields and ECM
  • Survival – ship’s ability to provide life support, track other ships, and navigate systems
  • Swim - underwater operations


Cr = (exp for level * ½ HD size) * Type Modifier


Treat miles as light-seconds and convert over for effects and spells (500 LS per AU)


1 hex/square = 9000 miles
Hustle -
Run – x3/x4 (x5)


Walk -
Hustle -
Run -


Measured in Light-seconds (LS)/hour (Hourly, Watch (4 hour), March (8 hour), Day (24 hour))
Move/Speed -
Walk – standard travel rate (cruising speed), ½ Move
Hustle – Move, allowed for 1 hour, each additional hour causes non-lethal damage
Run – not allowed
Jumping – using greater psychoport or psychoportation circle allows teleportation anywhere inside a sytem (out to about 100 AU a jump)

Star Travel

Moving between star systems is only possible for creatures able to attune to psionic items or those able to manifest astral caravan, astral traveler, or planar travel.
Astral Caravan (Open Rift)
This power functions only in space 5-500 LS travel and uses Knowledge (Astrogation). The initial travel distance can be reduced -1die/DoS on an Astrogation check vs DC 15. The user opens a rift into hyperspace that others using astral traveler can follow. Travel time is variable from 3+ days and typical insertion occurs at 10-1000 LS from the target. This may be augmented as per planar travel which reduces the margin of error -1 die/pp. The augmentation listed is not used.
A warpgate is a naturally or artificially occurring rift with a set destination system and target. Unknown natural rifts are rare (and valuable knowledge). Artificial rifts can be created and maintained with warpgates, while known natural rifts are also often marked/maintained with warpgates.
Astral Traveler (Travel Rift)
Use of this power allows the user to enter a rift into hyperspace. If the rift is opened using astral caravan th destination and astrogation are set by the manifester. If using a rift opened by a warpgate, the destination is set, but the astrogation must be done by the traveler, as above. It is possible to augment this power for accuracy at the destination system when navigating:-1die/2pp. Travel to a warpgate is usually 5-500 LS, but can be significantly further (x10-100) depending on current location.
Planar Travel
Use of this power allows the user, and up to eight others, instantaneous travel to a familiar system and target (one traveled to before). Arrival accuracy is 5-500 LS from target, -1die/2pp.


Ship Systems

Ship Upgrade Slots

Ships can only carry a limited number of upgrade systems (like characters and magic items slots).

General Systems

Psi-battery (Cognizance Crystal built into ship to power rift travel)

Star Drives

Trans Drive (translation drive) (astral traveler)
• One use – 25 cr; +1 acc, 150 cr; +2 acc,375 cr; +3 acc, 700 cr; +4 acc, 1,125 cr; +5 acc, 1,650 cr
• 50 use – 750 cr; +1 Acc, 4,500 cr; +2 acc, 11,250 cr
• Psidrive (Psicrown of the Lesser Traveler) – 27,000 cr
Rift Drive (astral caravan)
• One use – 375cr; +1 acc, 700 cr; +2 acc,1,125 cr; +3 acc, 1,650 cr; +4 acc, 2,275 cr; +5 acc, 3,000 cr
• 50 use – 11,250 cr; +1 Acc, 21,000 cr; +2 acc, 33,750 cr
Core Drive (correspondence point drive) (planar travel)
• One use – 1,125 cr; +1 acc, 1,650 cr; +2 acc, 2,275 cr; +3 acc 3,000 cr; +4 acc, 3,825 cr; +5 2,375 cr
• 50 use – 33,750 cr; +1 acc, 49,500; +2 acc, 68,25 cr


Jump Drive (system level teleport) (greater psychoport) – wand (attuned drive), scroll (emergency generator), wonderous item (charged)
Lesser Psicrown of the Traveler


Shields – deflection bonus

Ship Weapons

Kinetic Weapons
Mass Drivers
Energy Weapons
Laser Cannons
Pulse Cannons (PPG)
Turbo Lasers
Ion Cannons
K/E Weapons
Plasma Launchers

Weapon Options

Over/under-sized weapons

Ship Armor


Armor Options



Non-lethal damage takes 1 hour to repair. Represents drained batteries, fuel cells, overloaded electronics, etc.
Lethal damage takes 1 day to repair

Ship Upkeep

Keeping a ship in tip-top shape requires cash or lots of elbow grease.

Upkeep daily tenday monthly Notes
None "free" exhausted; check disease per tenday; 1 piece of gear broken per tenday (can be destroyed)
Next to none fatigued; check disease monthly; 1 piece of gear broken per month (can be destroyed)
Inadequate 50% 1 piece of gear is broken per month (cannot be destroyed)
Bare minimum
Adequate +1/tenday
Well-cared for +2/tenday
Around-the-clock +5/tenday

Ship "diseases" represent rust, corrosion, computer bugs, and other shipboard glitches that attack the ship's ability scores.

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