The Star Forge

Act I: Awakenings

Session 1 01/22/16

Characters Allen Chad Heather Justin
Starting Experience 0 0 0 0
Adventure Experience 0 0 0 0
Combat Experience 140 140 140 140
Session Experience 1350 1350 1350 1350
RP Experience 700 800 550 650
Total Session Exp 2190 2290 2040 2140
Total Experience 2190 2290 2040 2140
Needed Experience 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000

The cast of characters
The characters awake with no memories admist the wreckage and carnage of a battle aboard a small ship hurtling out of control towards a Terran-like world. They scramble to access and control the situation (I secretly randomized who controlled each character, so what players thought their characters could do was not necessarily what they were skilled at) and manage to crash land. They escape the wreck before it explodes with only the survival jumpsuits on their backs.

On shore they hear the sounds of a fight and some go to investigate where they find an archaic looking peasant fending off small strange green humanoid creatures. They intervene and drive or kill off the creatures. The man is suspicious, but thankful and takes them in his wagon to his homestead. They are put up for the night and their wounds treated. In the morning, the man promises to take them to the nearby town of Torch.

Session 2 01/29/16

Characters Allen Chad Heather Justin
Starting Experience 2190 2290 2040 2140
Adventure Experience 50 50 50 50
Combat Experience 100 100 100 100
Session Experience 1350 1350 1350 1350
RP Experience 1850 700 1000 1000
Total Session Exp 3350 2200 2500 2500
Total Experience 5540 4290 4540 4640
Needed Experience 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000

The cast of characters

Arriving in Torch, after a bit of difficulty on the ascent into town (CR1), the party discovers that the namesake of the town, a strange purple flame that on occasion shoots a powerful beam of violet light into the sky, has gone out. The party cryptic has a suspicion that it is a safety relief of a fusion reactor that must be buried. They agree to investigate as well as search for the missing town councilman and tech-wizard, Konner Bhaine.

At Konner's tavern, they encounter an older design model maintenance droid (CR1), recovered by Konner on his first expedition, which the cryptic claims is of ancient Third Era Sith design; and 2 of the party have a run in with a giant amoeba (CR1) on their way back from shopping. They also met Konner's adopted daughter, Val Bhaine.

The local priest (a nanite-technician), and one of the council, "blesses" them with a six-hour water breathing, allowing them to traverse the murky, polluted waters of the Weeping Pond and enter the Black Hill Caves in search of Konner and an answer to the extinguishing of the torch

Session 3 02/05/16

Characters Allen Chad Heather Justin
Starting Experience 5540 4290 4540 4640
Adventure Experience 450 450 450 450
Combat Experience 1310 1310 1310 1310
Session Experience 1350 1350 1350 1350
RP Experience 1700 2000 1750 2100
Total Session Exp 4810 5110 4860 5210
Total Experience 10,350 9400 9400 9850
Needed Experience 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000

The cast of characters

The party fights off a swarm of fire beetles (CR1), then separate to explore different branches of the same tunnel. Curiosity overcomes the cryptic, who is attacked by a slime mold colony growing on the bodies of ewoks from the first expedition, later found to have been killed by the beetles. The other party has found the body of an uruk woman, probably a member of the 3rd expedition, killed by stab wounds, and appearing to have been fleeing outwards from deeper in the cave. When the second party attempts to run to the aid of the first party, they are taken unawares from behind by a blindheim (CR 2).

Pushing on, down the only obvious tunnel, they spy a humanoid figure quickly fleeing from their approach but cannot catch it. Strange chalk drawings decorate this area, some depicting droids similar to the one they fought, others skeletal, four-armed warriors. Not following the fleeing humanoid, they push down the other branch of the fork and arrive on a ledge above a frosty cavern and spot a body, another uruk. A few of the party recognize the danger of the brown mold covering the room, but only the rogue spots the, much more dangerous, russet mold that killed the uruk, still clinging to his corpse and probably in hibernation from the cold. They decide to backtrack, not having a reliable way to deal with either infestation (CR 2).

Following the tunnel taken by the fleeing humanoid they enter a large cavern that contains four ramshackle huts. The far wall appears to be the hull of a ship, and a door is visible. Though they are careful, after descending into the cavern and crossing about halfway, three skulks manage to take them by surprise, but instead of attacking, want to take half the party to their leader while the others remain behind. The cryptic and smuggler go to see the leader, Sef.

Sef offers them a deal: take care of the nearby nest of gremlins and leave the skulks in peace, and she promises to grant the party free passage and will pay them the remainder of the goods given to the tribe to stop expeditions from entering the ship as well as five strange colored cards the smuggler recognizes as security key cards that the tribe managed to find while exploring the ship.

An agreement is reached and Sef even tells the party that the tribe's troubles started when they agreed to kill any trespassers after making a deal with a strange purple haired woman and her party, who left into the gremlin nest and haven't been seen since. She tells them that it was her tribe that slaughtered the second expedition and were in turn slaughtered by the third, Konner's, expedition. They had allowed the fourth expedition to pass but they have not returned from the ship, nor has the fifth, Konner's latest. She also tells the party a little of the inside of the ship but also warns that some very dangerous, skeletal, four-armed warriors dwell within. (CR 4 + CR 3)

The party enters the cramped caverns of the gremlins and are swiftly surrounded, finding it difficult to hit the tiny creatures while having to squeeze in the tight spaces. Several traps are also discovered and disarmed. They manage to fight their way to the gremlin leader, Jazvit, and with his defeat, the gremlins flee. (CR 1 x 6, CR 2)

Session 4 02/13/16

Characters Allen Chad Heather Justin
Starting Experience 10,350 9400 9400 9850
Adventure Experience
Combat Experience
Session Experience 2000 1350 1350 1350
RP Experience 3200 1750 1350 2000
Total Session Exp
Total Experience
Needed Experience 30,000 10,000 10,000 10,000

The cast of characters

Weakened, the party decides it is time to retreat. They return to the surface where they spend some time shopping and relaxing. The next day, they return to the caverns. They find the other door into the ship, near the gremlins, locked from the inside and are forced to take the door from the skulk lair. Inside they find a fully functional maintenance droid, which lurches to life when they start digging through the debris and wreckage. This one seems much more capable then the one they fought at the tavern, but they manage to put it down. Their way is blocked save for one way forward, but they do find some tools and an e-pick, though they are strangely archaic and use a non-standard coding system.

Pushing on they discover a dead habitat module which may once have been of a desert. A ghelarn attacks them, being able to hibernate for thousands of years if need be. Inside the cavernous module they run into four-armed skeletons with glowing green eyes, hidden in the sands, but they dispatch them. They spend some time giving first aid to the mechanic and during that time, the smuggler, on watch, spots light on the far end of the cavern. A giant fly, mutated by strange fluids and radiation has made its way into the module and attacks the party, but is driven off by arrows. Deciding to follow the trail rather then

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